PC gaming news – these are still not the times you are looking for…

Heard today that Elder Scrolls, Skyrim is mainly developed with consoles in mind. There goes another title down from the pre-purchase, pre-order ladder quickly. That means together with the statement of making games even more accessible and being Apple fans – to we PC gamers have to wait our asses of for bug fixes, modders and the overhaul mods before this game is anywhere near what we expect of a Skyrim game. Now seriously, if we got an even dumber Oblivion on our hands – people will soon say Gothic 3 was a great game! 1-8 slots. Quick travel. Quest arrows that were sometimes to precise so you didn’t even check the game screen, only those darn arrows. No thank you. Please at least make the controls and inputs way different then the consoles.
Still looks nice with new engine and all – but that news kinda sucked most of the lustre right out of it. So it got big dragons and beautifully rendered skies?
Who the fuck cares?

Neverwinter – the losely – so lose that if you cling on to this – you’re better off hugging a Klingon for support – Neverwinter Nights franchise. This on-line goey thing looks bright, colourful and well… I don’t know. What the heck is it and how are we supposed to play it? Questions questions.

Read that Razer is pushing out some more (most likely overpriced gimmicky things) branded peripherals – this time it is SW – the old republic that get branded toys. Good choice, so far the Razer stuff has been so damn pricey and long to get to stores that the value is five times the game – and you are already finished with it by the time you get them.
Anyway, here is a little sneaky peaky: http://youtu.be/OslPG_kF69E

Also, the Nintendo Wii U is out. Looks like something that my kid would enjoy in the bathtub. Nintendo isn’t really my brand. Lets keep to that. It just looked… weird, and I bet that we will get the deal when everyone else starts copying them.

Yesterday I said that I would check out the Playstation 3 demo of Dungeon Siege 3 – I couldn’t – there isn’t any demo on the PS3 – yet. So no dice.

Personally I liked this videos: http://youtu.be/lQgES-IT1zc from Rage – it sure looks nice enough. Oh, and fun old school:ish shooter. 🙂

Finally, I would like to share some nails with you – everyone’s pet favourite Dead Island has been very highly praised. Lately though, I start to feel a bit troubled because the more actual game-play we see, the less impressed I get. Usually you would like it to be the other way around. I hope this video from E3 is for one of the consoles… http://youtu.be/0p8kGRM0Nis

I lied, this is the final: to all shops and developers – if you can’t keep dates – don’t bloody print anything and don’t release your PR material so quickly. People can get pretty sick of waiting and go out and get something else! Here’s looking at you QPad, with your MK80. You damn better be glad is such a lovely beast you are releasing!



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