AKG 242 HD – music is the shit!

I haven’t been great writing about my re-discovered hobby – music. The tags and categories stare at me demanding me to write something. OK – here I write then. I have bought a pair of AKG 242 HD. These are a bit pricier headphones and delivering a bit of extra nice sound. If you are like me an aspiring, yet new, to the audiophile world – there are ups and downs to find good sound – realising what good sound is – and then of course to find the balls to stand up for what you think is right. If it sounds good to you – then it is good sound – however – don’t deprive yourself of the luxury of trying to define your ears and finding out ways to better your listening experience. It is all like wine – sometimes you like that really lovely but difficult to drink wine – that demands a certain moment, a certain mood, preparations, patience and not least of all – some good spirits on your behalf.

Sound and taste are two difficult senses, they are easy to provoke, easy to deter from what is what and they are easily influenced. They are also magnificent once you gain just a slight control over them and admittedly – steer away from what everyone tells you and starts trusting your OWN senses.

Back to the cans – the AKG 242 HD. I admit, I haven’t played them continuously for 48 hours, haven’t prepared them at all – only listened to a few songs and since they are supposed to sound better and better – I am really happy. They are really comfortable to wear. The sound is astounding, it plays – to me – lovely in all areas, both the bass, middle and high tones come out nicely. So far, I have only tried a few of my favourite music out; Nick Cave and the Bad seeds, Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Foo Fighters and Heather Nova. They cram out beautiful music. Did I mention that they look nice as well? No? Well they do. Take a look below and I will try and get back with a more detailed review later on. So far, I’m really liking them and the sound is far better then the AKG K530, The Sennheiser 515HD and the Sennheiser G4ME 360 (don’t laugh – that headset is the bomb!)

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