Stuck with old games again – medal of honour airborne

OK, why write about this now you may wonder – it was release 2007. I have only one answer – no two – it is a game that I wanted to buy but the critics and comments made me not – so I have always been curious about it.

2.50€ – that is what I paid for it on STEAM, so I bought it, I downloaded it – started it up – and I understand what they were saying. The game COULD have been really fun – but the way the game handles – the aiming, the movement – it all feels like you have zero accuracy – getting the sight to find an enemy is a feat in itself – knowing where your own feet are is equally hard sometimes and landing that damned parachute is equally hard. Anyway – the game is now bogged down with some historic version of CoD-ness; it has upgradable weapons based on how much you use them (successfully I might add), you get achievements for landing properly and shooting enemies. Oh, sorry – you get medals…

Anyway – the basic set-up is a nice idea – you land in a small area – have the pre-defined goals and are left to your own to deal with it. As usual you have your corporal stalemates with you that are successful in keeping the Germans and Italians at bay – but both Germans, Italian and your own guys can’t really advance unless you move people away from the action. By moving away I mean you try to do something clever – the rest of the sheeples follows – you.

For 2.50€ I think I will give it a few more hours, maybe even finish once. The shooting is really terrible and regardless of mouse or mouse pads – the controls won’t simply be there for me.


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