ACE EDGE 3200 T2 Edge – laser mouse (review)

There is a rather large amount of different gaming mousses on the market today. In Sweden, we have the pleasure of having several good companies join the effort of getting good peripherals for gamers. We have Mionix, QPad and also ACE. I have had the pleasure of using the Ace Edge 3200 T2. This is an updated version from the ACE Edge 3200 mouse. The concept seems to be more or less the same.

First impression
The Mouse comes in a standard packaged solution, you open, extracts, un-hinge the cable, find the weights and the quick start guide. The mouse doesn’t feel as plastic as it looks – which is comforting because it looks rather weird and cheap on the pictures. The reality is a bit better. The mouse feels a bit awkward at first since your thumb is pressed in rather long into the thumb area and the mouse is also a lot higher on the ridge the most mousses i have tried. Setting up and usage Setting it up is a straight affair, download drivers, plug-in – run installer and set-up as you prefer. You have the DPI settings and can make four DPI settings, these are switch-able during play by a thumb-button – an extra not the two regular thumb-buttons. Then you also have the option to make the buttons do variable things, scripts commands key bindings etc. You switch through these different modes with the mode button on top of the mouse. That’s about it.

Glide traction accuracy etc
The mouse uses ceramic feet – feet that won’t have to change like on ordinary mousses is the idea. Once they go rock bottom – I guess it is time for a new mouse. So how is the glide and usage in play? Fairly well, I would say. On a not so slick mouse pad – like a QPad CT – the glide is decent, but sometimes you come to a stop where you haven’t intended one. On the Zowie SPAWN – a pad more like a soft mat with hard pad qualities – the mouse moves well and on a hard plastic – wohooo. So It depends a bit on your preferences. It works well with all pads – but if you find the QPad CT to be to sluggish – but otherwise like it (it has excellent readings and traction for laser mouse being a soft pad) I can recommend Steelseries glide puck (if you can find it) since it puts a thin coating of silicon or similar on the feet and makes it go wooosh. The traction and reading accuracy is working without any comments. It does the job and I haven’t found anything that I don’t like yet. Sometimes I think that the mouse can be a bit awkward due to the size of it rather then any fault of either glide or accuracy. The height can make the louse tilt, ever so slightly, but it is enough for it to catch the pad with the mouse side instead of the skatez.

This mouse is a nice mouse, it comes in around the mid-level contenders like DeathAdder etc in price. Have features more accustomed on the higher price range and behaviour that matches this as well. An economic pro-version so to speak. In my opinion, the mouse has a feel that sometimes feels less stellar then the Steelseries Xai, Mionix Naos 5000 etc. But it behaves roughly the same. I do think that the glide isn’t as smooth as the Xai or Naos 5000 – but not to such a degree that you will bother with it. What can bother you is the shape. I would strongly recommend you to try it out. If it fits, I think you will be surprised that it feels so good, and if you don’t run into the tilt problem this mouse will give you: • Several modes of setting up behaviours to your buttons

  • Two different pinkie finger supports, one for only pinkie, and one for ring- and pinkie- finger
  • Weights to adjust the feel of the mouse
  • A 4 DPI setting mouse
  • No skatez changing problem
  • If you are in luck and quick – you will get it with one of ACE’s mouse pads for free

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