SSD for a gamer?

SSD for a gamer should have read – SSD for the future – for the broke…

As a gamer I am interested in shortened load times, better graphics and of course a silent and over all pleasant experience. I have a good graphics card, I have a good general set-up of peripherals, I have good speakers and a  great headset. The computers abilities and RAM is not the problem – the problem is the hard drives and the load times. Most games today have a huge amount of textures and data to be read and loaded before play – an SSD practically cuts into these load times like a dolphin cuts into the waves, like a hungry cyborg uses his plasma cutters on a tin-door… Well enough with analogies, SSD seems to be the future.

Said and done, I checked my favourite computer place for SSD drives and after checking how many hundreds of gigabytes my system took (no Sweat, my C drive with WIN7 and most essential programs and even music and some files – I was under 80 GB’s- Wow I thought, a 120 or even a 160 GB SSD drive would cover the C problem without a sweat. Then I loaded up the data for my Games folder and my STEAM folder that’s my D-drive – a rather daunting 280 GB worth of gaming content lit up the properties field. 280?!

I checked and found out that while there are discs that can take that amount of data – there are 300 and even 480 GB discs, they cost a whopping 4790 SEK. So two discs to cover my needs of system and gaming would land me in about 7139 SEK. For that I get 420 GB of storage total.

A single Velociraptor 600 GB costs 2190 SEK and the 300 GB version costs 1395 SEK.

Man, while SSD seems to be the future – I think that when my discs starts to sound badly, I will go for a Velociraptor and wait for SSD to slowly decrease in price.


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