Homefront & Crysis 2 – here we go


So I have decided to actually give Homefront another go and re-installed the game. Single player is still the same slow crawl and well – not overly great experience. Had a few more successful games in MP – but so far there are some thins that still makes this game not so great:

  1. The game feels just off. There is also a mouse lag even though I removed the acceleration and stuff. It behaves BADLY.
  2. The game isn’t great looking. Coming to think about it. The layout of the MP courses and the graphics aren’t that good. I mean I don’t expect top notch – or well maybe I do – especially with all the talk and boast of a AAA claimed title…
  3. Hard to grasp what to do. It takes too long and the MP styles are unintuitive. Good with the intro’s though – but the gameplay and tasks – well it just feels a bit tad..

I don’t know if I should stick with Homefront or not, but the active decesion is to try and see the end of the single player campaign at least. For MP – I will give a few more tries and see if if it gets better or not.


New patch, wohoo – new difference? Not really. I have a trouble getting a real go at the multi-player part of Crysis 2 – the reason? I lose connection to the server really often and find myself looking for another game over and over again. The server chooser isn’t exactly “snappy” so MP is getting a big frustrating. Really bad when you had a good game and you die and all that match’s’ stuff end up – gone. Also the MP is still a bit sluggish – but I like the way you have to work a big more on the offence/defence bit. Like switching to Cryo-vision to spot cloaked enemies, air-stomps etc. These things are great – but I still have to have a streak long enough to unlock any of the extra – and also trying to see how to activate them..

I hope the Crysis 2 MP part gets a bit better soon so I can enjoy it. Now it is a big too frustrating and also the lack of MP maps makes me afraid that soon there will be a DLC with new maps and all the fun things with COD BLOPS all over – every other map your booted to find a server with old maps.


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sketchywolf(aka Foolwolf) is a blog where I will try different hobbies and document them on. Certain ramblings and may even start some story writing etc. I will also try to have a collection of my reviews of all things that I try and wants to share...
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