OK, I don’t know what you know about this movie ( ) or not, but coming alive from the spoof commercial in other grind house movies – this splotation action film is quite fun. And by that I mean fun as if you know what you will get:

Crappy looking special effects
Miss-matching choreography
Babes with hooters
Babes naked
A hero that talks about himself in 3rd person
A hero that is damn near un-resistible
A story that if it would be ice wouldn’t even have a warning sign for thin ice

Part from that – you have Danny Trejo who always looks like bad business and looks like one of the few who could get away from a staring competition with Bruce Willis. You also have some serious babelishious goodies as Jessica Alba and a nice – not in looks this time but as in behaving nice – Michelle Rodriguez. Both playing the part of capable women – that only is in need of help compared to the end-of-the-world-problems that Machete could wade through.

We also see Lindsay Lohan as a druggie – and well – that part suits her fine. Seeing her in a film- all I can say is that – what is all the fuss about? Her acting doesn’t make me want to know more about her, her looks compared with the above two females make me say bah – and acting wise (didn’t I already mention this?) is a big baha…

Anyway – to tell the story shortly: Machete is a wronged cop who looses his family by the hands of betrayers and a drug lord (played by Segal). He then gets caught up in a web of immigrant politics in Texas when he a few years later try to get by as a day labourer. Instead of weeding a garden – he should shoot a bad senator – and we all know what happens when a poor guy gets to shoot an official – yeah – betrayal again. Lets say that Machete now has a rather long list of people to kill – and few friends. Good that Rodriguez and Alba is there ot help him out – in several ways. And he get to it – with his list I mean – really weeding it out – with mini-guns, shotguns, pistols, rifles, medical equipment and of course – Machetes.

The film itself sees a lot of huge names – which is both fun and depressing seeing so many great actors and icons (the icons aren’t necessary great actors 😉 ) getting into their years and they will leave a big empty behind them :(. Machete is also fun – it never really takes itself too seriously but always have a glint in the eye – and there are in all the meaningless killing and over the top effects some moments of henchmen dialogue. Henchmen dialogue questioning their motives and bosses are always fun – this no less!

Machete is a typical Rodriguez production – it is high octane it has several issues with what is deemed to be politicly correct and it is over the top – you like that – you will like Machete!


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