The most beautiful game? – A first glimpse into Crysis 2

First of all, there are problems with getting Crysis 2 started – there are problems getting codes and promotional codes to work. Rest easy – just read on the official site or below – I have some of my initial experiences here. First of all, my setup; I bought the game on disc – installed days before launch – then installed the EA downloader. Registered my code in there and also made sure and EA account matched. After that I tried to confirm the code – didn’t work – not released yet. I went to the and tried registering the promo code. Didn’t work – shut down Firefox 4 and started Chrome – worked. Then I had the problem that seems to be the most frequent one – starting some multiplayer only to receive this: “Serial number in use”. There is an easy way to fix this.

1. Load Crysis 2, go to multiplayer and type in your key

2. Navigate back to Single Player

3. Go back into multiplayer and re-enter your key

For more troubleshooting, here is the official site to the issues and solutions:


Starting it up

I have to say a few words here as well. I did like Crysis to the point when the aliens came and then it was OK until I had to fly the plane and – yes – I gave up after that. Crysis Warfare had activations (this one has as well – but no limits, tied to an account and I can now download the game or use my DVD – good choice here EA, you take some but you also give some IMO – as long as it works and don’t make a hassle for us) and I simply don’t buy games with limited activations. If a release tool comes along – then fine but mostly not. So I was kind of laid back when Crysis2 crawled into the media focus. I wasn’t that into the hype and even when the MP demo came – I installed it because it was free and I was starting to get tired of my other shooters. The demo was a mixed bag for me; I did enjoy the extra layer of tactics with the armour, stealth and jumps etc. But I didn’t like some other aspects – and those stayed with eh main game as well. The single player games then, we are treated to an intro – gorgeously rendered and in game sequence. The game really looks great. No question about it. Having cursed Homefront – this is a cotton swab of pure ailment over your eyes in comparison. The intro takes us from a sub to be recued by Prophet and you get his armour and you learn that the baddies have competition. CELL – these agents are there to eradicate not only the aliens (OBs see Aliens if you haven’t or you will miss a lot of references in game 😉 )But also the humans that have been infected by a plague, which was released in the initial attack. It is a little vague – and my bad – I wasn’t paying that much attention to the intro. My defence – another Aliens reference: “Listen lady, I just need to know one thing: where they are”. So we are treated to a nice and slow intro where you learn to jump, duck (quack quack) and to shoot, scan via the visor. Now this is important – more so then the previous game. You have to check and get overview – not only because the game tells you to go tactical every once in a while but because the game has some flaws – and being prepared is the best way to get a better play experience. Then you get a gun, jump down take out two enemies. You can stealth and make your first stealth kill and happily check out the beautiful scenery of a devastated New York. Lovely. I am glad that I have been to New York and seen enough movies to have a slight reference, the game really takes advantage of New York and the back alleys to small squares are all lovely – parks with trees and trolleys en masse everywhere. The beauty and the chaos are well made – you don’t need to go whining about DX 11 – because if DX 9 can make this -then I see no problem since my computer with a good setup – not over the top mind you – can run this on extreme and experience no lag as some helicopters hunts down a huge alien attack ship that crashes into a huge building that has portions of it sliding and crashing down on the streets of New York….

Lets skip the story and just mention that it is a simple go here to do this then go here. It is off to see the Wizard and don’t stray too far from the yellow brick road…We go to…


Game play

The game play is one major thing here. Not only do you have a kick ass suite, you have upgradable weapons in the game, the suit can be upgraded and you have a tactical visor and shit that makes every tech savvy combater green with envy. The jumping is great, you can force jump – er I mean power jump and grab onto ledges and pull yourself up. Cool, makes you able to feel free and also get to those nifty tactical places in both SP and MP. You can slide, running and then ducking and you execute a nice slide. It isn’t the power slide of Bulletstorm – but can be pretty handy – especially if you need to face foes with your shotgun… You have the tactical visor that lets you zoom, mark ammo and tactical on your mini-radar and tactical view and also mark enemies. This is really vital! Marking enemies is really important because there is a huge problem with Crysis 2. It is really difficult to make out enemies. They are simply hard to spot and they don’t move that much meaning that your MP skills of tracking moments and shots is almost useless in SP. The beautiful scenes makes the contrast feeling low and while beautiful – it is less then perfect conditions for a fire fight. These problems also arise in the MP part. I have a really hard time picking out enemy from foe. I hope it is just a learning curve – but for now – it is my biggest gripe with Crysis 2 and before you say – hey it is realistic – realistic my ass – if you saw the world as you see it in Crysis 2 – your optician would make experiences with your eyes! The other part – it feels slow. You have this high powered state of the future art kick ass equipment and you still move like a gran? Turning, twisting, aiming – it all feels less than quick and intuitive. Some games get this some games simply don’t. Crysis 2 – I’ll give it some more days yet and tell you then – for now – it just doesn’t feel great. It does the job – but no more. To get back to visor and enemies. I had this small fire fight in a park and due to the sometimes really strange AI – they spotted me on the roof and started to shoot at me: and here a bunch of problems arise:

They spot me to begin with – and everyone sees me.

They shoot me, I mean they shoot and hit me very well.

I can only run if I have energy to my suit… WTF?

Some of the enemies I can’t see because they are behind some leaves that obstruct the view – they still see and shoots me.

I have to cloak myself – suddenly they don’t see me and I have to move around a bit and mark the guy behind the trees. Ahh nice and red – I switch to single shot and lines up some shots.

I hit.

He doesn’t die.

I shoot some more.

I hit him.

He goes down finally.

Problem – I have no ammo left.

This high tech armoured dude can carry only two weapons, and it doesn’t matter if it is a secondary pistol or rocket launcher…

The amount of ammo he carries is limited and that isn’t good – because, here it comes:


I mean come on – Crysis had the same problem – you don’t shoot them in the head – they simply won’t go down. You empty roughly a half clip into enemies unless you are close up. The SCAR (to which I have a nice camo skin to thanks to pre-order) is as lethal as my BB gun…

Best to sneak and stay hidden because this is simply the best feature of your armour – sneak up, twist an enemies head around so he can say hello and *gulp* or sneak up power kick a car over the guy. Effective – brutal and shouldn’t have to be like this.


I turn my attention to the MP part.

After doing my tricks in the beginning of this text, I get online and start playing a mode where you have to run and secure alien pods. I get the pods and get an area to be secured to be safe – but I have a hard time figuring out who my team mates are. Really – with the advanced features and less then explanatory menus’ – a guide or a try-mode would be great. (Thank you Treyarch for implementing this in BLOPs – one of the best features). Mp part is an agonizing way of learning a new game. I do enjoy the armour – but the narrow and sometimes cramped maps are sometimes to annoying. Some are great though – but others are just a pain to play in. I struggle from last in the score board and after some runs – I make it to the middle of my time – coming in as third to 6 scorer in a team of up to 8. Yeah 16 player matches seems to be the shit. The melee is more balanced then in COD and BFBC2 where it is lethal one hit and your dead – here you have to work for it a bit. That is good – makes close combat players regret running up to a guy with a shotgun full frontal at least…

I only try out for some rounds before giving it a rest. The game is fun – but with so many games these days – you have to know the rules perfectly – and you need to learn the maps – something that can be a tough course for beginners especially if there are people who have played the game for a long time – they just pick you out when you start scouting to learn. Again – give us the chance to run around and fight some senseless bots to get a feel for it.

I had no trouble finding servers and join games. Filters worked to clean out the server list of full or empty games.

So far – even with all the complaints – Crysis 2 fails to really disappoint me. The design issues etc that I may have can’t take away the fact that this is a solid work. Crysis

2 feels, in lack of better words: well made.



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