Revival and things that gets bad in the sun…

So I have decided to plug back my DeathAdder mouse, auction out one of my Naos 5000 and well – so far – The good ol’ DeathAdder is making me happy.

Things that aren’t making me happy is the Bulletstorm multi-player and Crysis 2 demo. Bulletstorm MP is sluggish, bad connections and the GFWL and something rotten in BS (I love these abbreviations) makes the MP sessions really booring – lag and also the complete setup of forcing players to work together and latch those actions in a short time-frame doesn’t add up when you have a lag that when you kick the empty air that a few seconds ago was a flying slow-motion zombie…

Easy to say, when echo is done and if no super patch released – BS will get un-installed.

Crysis 2 is a great game – though a few years too late. It has ground breaking mechanics for MP – only that they were beaten by COD MW…  Sad but true – the game lacks a few things like… hmm.. yeah I know – that PC feeling – it is yet another console game you can play on your PC. The maps are small, the steering is sluggish and the modes are good but not that inventive. A few good things like the nano suit and some abilities to jump and grab ledges (wow a super soldier that can actually climb? Who would have thought…) doesn’t really make this game something I want to spend 49€ on – in stores it is sold for roughly 40€ so hmm, go figure…

Bad thing number 3, I heard a song from my Winamp that sounded bad – turned out top be Radiohead. I thought that Radiohead would be OK, turn out it isn’t. After that Queen with Innuendo saved the day though – and my son that came with an army of his teddybears asking for Roscoe by Johnossi.

Son is up, son is getting rid of high fever – me and wife is getting ill – wow – all the cycles of life…


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sketchywolf(aka Foolwolf) is a blog where I will try different hobbies and document them on. Certain ramblings and may even start some story writing etc. I will also try to have a collection of my reviews of all things that I try and wants to share...
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